Jig for Surfacing With a Router




Introduction: Jig for Surfacing With a Router

This is a jig for surfacing with a router. I created it to "square up" a stump to use as a workbench. Mount a router in the middle of a board which is more than twice as  long as the diameter of your project. Level supports on each side. Set the router over the highest spot. Lower the bit a 1/16" or so and rout away. Repeat until you have reached the lowest spot. We have basically created a jig that makes the router work like a milling machine (except the cutter moves over the work instead of the work moving under the cutter.) Use the biggest cutter you have (I used a 3/4") and make sure it is a sharp one- preferably carbide.



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    this is brilliant and simple :D

    Ok, so there are two primary components to this. the first is the long board that the router is screwed to. the bit goes through that board and down to empty space. the second is the rail system, and that is the two boards screwed to the log. The rails are parallel and level to the floor. The long board rides those two rails, so the end of the bit is always at a constant height, and the long board slides around on the rails.
    this means that you can remove material from the log on a plane parallell to the rails, so you end up with a very flat surface.

    Nicely done, Mugsy. Ends up working like a milling machine. There are lots of applications for the concept.