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I thought it would be fun to make a clock out of a jigsaw puzzle with a puzzle piece moving around on one of the arms of the clock, so when the clock strikes the hour the puzzle piece fits.

I wanted my puzzle to have pieces about an inch in size, however most puzzles that size are children's puzzles.  Since I didn't want a Dora the Explorer puzzle in my living room and I couldn't find any other puzzle picture that I liked, I used blank puzzle sheet instead and glued some scrapbook paper on it.   In hindsight, I could have just glued the scrapbook  paper onto cardboard and cut out the puzzle shapes freehand. 

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Step 1: Material:

* Clock mechanism
* Jigsaw puzzle, or blank jigsaw puzzle and a cool image or print that you would like to use.
* Craft foam
* Cardboard
* Paper clip or hook, for hanging clock on wall


* Knife/scissors
* Glue/Mod Podge/or puzzle glue
* Craft spray sealant
* Ruler

Step 2: Puzzle Board

Remove puzzle pieces to create a roundish shape, also take off the pieces at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 position. Brush glue onto the front of the puzzle and carefully apply the paper, press firmly to remove any bubbles/creases.

If you are using a real jigsaw puzzle, you would also apply glue to the front and allow to dry. Use Mod Podge or puzzle glue for this since you want something that dries clear. Then skip ahead to step 4!

Step 3: Cut Out Puzzle Shape

Trim off the excess paper with a knife/scissors. Make sure that you keep the piece at 12 o'clock intact since we will be putting this on the minute hand (step 7).

I applied a craft spray sealant at this point to protect the paper surface of the clock.

Step 4: Make Hole for Clock

Find the centre point of the puzzle and cut a hole large enough for the clock mechanism part to fit through.

Step 5: Add Backing

I added a piece of cardboard to give the clock more stability. Cut to fit and make a hole in line with the centre hole of the puzzle.

Step 6: Numbers

Use stencils (or draw your own ) to cut the numbers out of craft foam, then glue them onto the clock. (This is a bit tricky since I glued them to the spots where the puzzle pieces are missing, I needed to glue a bit of cardboard on the back of some to attach them to the clock.)

Step 7: Minute Hand

Assemble the clock mechanism, move the minute hand to 12 o'clock and glue the 12 o'clock puzzle piece onto the hand so the piece fits over the space it would go in the puzzle.

Step 8: Hook to Hang Clock

I taped a paperclip to the back of the clock mechanism so I could hang the clock on the wall.



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    2 years ago

    This is cool! A very creative decoration clock. I enjoyed putting one together out of a picture! :)


    This is something my kids would enjoy making with me. However, I think of maybe making the back board from a puzzle with print and glue them together on cardboard. Do you think that could work?

    1 reply

    LOVE IT! We make personalized photo jigsaw puzzles and also sell Blank puzzles or puzzles at special requests. If anyone needs these supplies you can check us out... We would Love to be a part of this!

    The Missing Piece Puzzle Company


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! I wish I could do something like that but I can't find a clock mechanism. :(

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Just go to a dollar store and pick up a cheap clock, dismantle it and take out the clock mechanism. With the rest you can make this.  Buying an actual clock mechanism costs a lot more and is harder to find.


    This clock is great! Very inventive :) My best friend has an obsession with puzzles, so this may be her next birthday gift.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! Definitely going to make one of these for my wife's birthday! Thanks!!