Jireh's Snoopy Papercraft - How to Make





Introduction: Jireh's Snoopy Papercraft - How to Make

This is how to make a Snoopy Papercraft...made out of paper ofcourse!..hehe
My student loves Snoopy,so I made this papercraft to give it to her...
It's easy to make,try it as a gift idea...@_@

...this is my first Instructable, so please bear with it and make some comments & suggestions..thankz!@_@

Step 1: Materials Needed:


double-sided tape or glue
permanent marker or color pen
white cartolina or any thick paper
red cartolina or any thick paper

i forgot,

Step 2: Making Snoopy:

Long Srip:
cut-out a long strip of white cartolina & put double-sided tape in the 2 sides. Snips small cuts along the 2 sides.

Snoopy Pattern:
cut-out the pattern. Make 2 copies.

stick the long strip around the snoopy pattern.

cover it with another snoopy pattern.

draw outline using the marker.

Step 3: Making Snoopy's House

make a box and a roof-like origami out of red cartolina, then assemble to form a dog house.

NOTE: just FOLD the blue lines

(sorry for the vague illustration..hehe)

Step 4:

Glue snoopy on top of the house.
Cut an ear-like pattern on a cartolina and color it black, then glue it in the house to form snoopy's ears.
Roll a long strip of cartolina, then glue it on top of snoopy's face to form a nose, then color it black.

(again,sorry for the vague instruction...hehe)

...and that's it! Jireh's home-made Snoopy Papercraft!
enjuy working!
and always smile for you to be always cute!right?! nyahaha!_




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    8 Discussions

    did anyone got to make this at all?? I had a hard time trying to understand the pictured instruction but nope did not got the chance to make one. Pls make this with instruction even in photo.

    1 reply

    sorry... it's my first instructable, so it's kind of noobish... lol.. ^_^
    what part of the picture did you not understand?

    wow! thanks for loving it! ^_^
    i never thought someone will also try to make this.
    thanks again... and glad to be of help... ^_^

    snooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 i love snoopy i
    have a book about him and a stuffed toy!!!!!!!!

    this is kind of hard to understand.. could you elaborate the steps please :]