JoY's Rawcopiednature Eternal Beauty Flowers From Upcycled CDs and DVDs




Welcome to the Initial release of rawcopiednature invented back in 2005 by Johann Popow, that's me ;-) joy, JoY, joymcjoy are may nicknames   . I suggest you watch the videos I created for the process of forging an forever lasting flower. In the single steps you can see more details. Please ask and comment as I am very excited about feedback. Find and follow me:,, for the collection of my best works and order,, (my software startup being in construction), (under construction), (just started),
For the epilog contest: the laser cutter would be a wonderful tool to have exact pieces of my favorite material for complex flowers like roses and sophisticated jewelry!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice flowers. We used to do this in art classes back in the 1970's with vinyl records. The teacher would use her kiln to soften up the discs and we would shape them by hand or use objects as crude molds to get more complex shapes. I made one with an aluminum liner to use as an ashtray.