Knex Pistol "Spiff"

Introduction: Knex Pistol "Spiff"

About: K'nex is my thing!
This is my pistol. I like it a lot. I made this gun with small indoors Knex wars in mind. It is small, easy to use, looks okay, has a magazine and is very reliable. Shoots white rods with good power, and achieves 40 feet with the elastics shown (They were stretched a bit farther though). It uses the trigger that I used on my other gun, And managed to improve it a bit.

By the way, Spiff stands for:
Small Pistol byI_am_Canadian. Fun Fun! (I know its pathetic, don't go on about it please).

I hope you like it!

Step 1: Parts List

The piece list on this gun is pretty small, but I like parts lists. It uses a lot for its size, however.


Dark grey--13
Light grey--4

Tan Clip---------------6
Blue Clip (Picture)-2
Blue Spacer---------14
Y Connector---------10
Tape-------------------As much as you need.
Any old elastic------1
Weak Elastic--------1
Elastics for the ram-However many you want.

Total - 210

And of course you will need ammo; white rods.

Step 2: Handle

This is the handle its pretty short, and your hand generally extends onto the bottom. But, it is very compiffy.

1: Make these three bits
2: Make these three bits. The one in the middle is shorter
3: Put the three together on a white rod. Be sure that the short one is in the middle
4: Put the parts you made at the beginning in.

That was nice and easy. Onward!

Step 3: Magazine and Front

This is the front of the gun. It contains the magazine. Yay!

1: Make these two panels
2: Make these
3: Snap in all those white rods
4: Snap in all those bits
5: Put the other panel on. Simple!

Step 4: Trigger and Rear

This is the place where the trigger is, and where the ram enters the gun.

1: Make these two bits
2: Build these two panels
3: Connect them with the two bits. Make sure that they are pointing in the correct direction.
4: Make these...
5: Build these rails
6: Put them on likey so
7: Put the other panel on
8: Make this little guy
9: Another view
10: Put it on like so
11: And put that other piece on top.


Step 5: Odd Bits

These are just a couple of pieces that go on the gun in a few different places.

1: Make the ram and mag pusher
2: Close up of the ram
3: Tape it up real good. Make sure you can still put elastics on the end. And I do recommend a orange connector for this ram.
4: Make this
5: Anozzer view

Thats it.... Keep going!

Step 6: Assembley

Assembley. It can actually be sort of irksome squashing all the small bits into place. Oh well.

1: Everything you should have
2: Connect the mag to the "Trigger and rear"
3: Be sure that the tan clip goes through that orange connector
4: Put the handle on. Whoop whoop
5: Put the part from "odd bits" onto the handle like so
6: Connect the white rods. The trigger should work now
7: Get ye mag pusher make sure to put it in the direction shown
8: Up the weak elastic around the gun and on the mag pusher like so
9: Put the other elastic on the trigger like so
10: Put however many elastics you want on the ram. I suggest putting the ram in with the connector facing down.

That is a assembled gun!

Step 7: Loading and Firing

This is how to load. Its pretty easy. Good luck!

1: Get your gun and how much ammo you wish to load
2: Take out the pusher-inner and put the elastic out of the way
3: Shove your ammo into the mag. Make sure its all lined up
4: Out the pusher-inner back in like so
5: Cock the gun
6: Take aim...
7: Fire!
8: Cock and fire until the magazine is empty. Do not dry fire!

Step 8: Finished!

YAYZ! You are done! Have fun with my gun. If you have any questions are comments, feel free to ask/say.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    To everyone, in order to make this gun without any pain follow these steps:
    Actually I'll just be giving an example. So, for example, on the magazine and body frame, he tells you to build both of the sides at once, do NOT do this, rather build only one side, then add the internals. After that, TWIST in the connectors that match up with the part that I told you not to build. Then, just pop in the green rods. I know, that most of you won't understand this, but I hope this helps those that do.....


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, this is good advice. Everyone, listen to this man.


    4 years ago

    Well, had to build it about 2 weeks after taking it apart. probably my favourite gun!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Oh, and I love how the trigger blocks the ram from above, its so clever!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Just one or two #64's, or a handful of #32's. How much power you get depends on how far forward you stretch them on the body of the gun.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I used two 64s and the black rod, tan clip and orange connector literally shot away. The thing sticking out of the tan clip also snapped.
    I use rubberbands instead of tape on the ram rod because I only have one black rod, should I use tape instead?


    8 years ago on Step 4

    Holy cow a 5 star gun! I can see why it has 5 stars; the gun is amazing! But still, over 100 votes and 5 stars! Great gun dude. Keep up the good work.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    A sturdy, well-designed, powerful and reliable K'Nex pistol. I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants a decent K'Nex gun and may not have a lot of parts (it's still a worthwile build even if you've got hoardes of parts).
    The only issue I have is the reloading perspective. Is there a better system for reloading without the white rods going vertical as they are loaded into the gun?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You can put like a red rod on the wall of the mag and it would keep it straight.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you :-)

    As for the loading... I dont know if there is an easy improvement... They usually stay pretty well straight if you keep the gun sideways whilst loading, its not the best but it works.