Joeys Amazing Scarf of Many Colors!

Introduction: Joeys Amazing Scarf of Many Colors!

About: If it looks remotely possible to knit or crochet it- I want it. Yes , I am a yarn junky and proud of it!

My NINE year old SON made this scarf for me! My rough and tumble son asked me to give him some yarn to finger knit with. THIS is what he came up with. I love it. I love him . I've tried to get him to knit before, but no way. Children surprise and delight us everyday! Thanks Joey- you ROCK , my buddy!!!

Joey used lion brand black fun fur and another Lion brand chunky bumpy multi-color yarn together. He fingerknit it on 4 fingers, and then asked for some help to make pom poms for the ends. Viola!



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    So sorry I didn't get back to you- Theres a good instuctable on finger knitting ! Check it out. Also, a good tip is after you know how to do it. bulk up on the yarn. Like lots of different ones,m fluffy, bulky,bumpy look really differtent than the smooth. We fou\nd multiplre yarns work best- Good luck !

    What a great gift. Being from your 9 year old son, makes it very very special. It looks like Fun Fur and Lion Boucle mixed together

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    I actually did try them together too! The scarf on the left in Fun Fur and Lion Boucle! It made a really thick and warm scarf - 20 inches wide.

    new knits 004.jpg

    Thanks, You're right! It was driving me nuts that I couldn't remember the name of the yarn since the label was missing-Lion boucle was it! I will always treasure this scarf .Also, I would have never thought to try those two together- but he did. A breath of fresh air.

    that is pretty awesome. I just figured out how to chain-hitch, and learned a little macrame to make a paracord bracelet so now my mom wants me to learn to knit and crochet.

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    Sounds like you're ready to learn knitting or crochet- It's mysterious until you try it! Both are just different methods of making that chain stitch you just learned. One uses a hook ,the other a set of needles. I hope you try it and have lots of fun!

    That's a beautiful scarf! Your son is a talented kid. I hope he'll make more things.

    Thanks for all the positive comments! Joey read them over and over . He couldn't believe that people other than his mom thought it was a great job too !

    Thank you, I just forgot to search first. Of course the answer would be on instructables! This is just the best site ever!

    Yeah, between Instructables, Wikipedia, and Google, we could probably create an AnswerBot to take care of 90% of the questions here. :-D

    Awesome! I love the fuzzy, colorful stuff too. Great job, Joey!

    Wow, your son is great! Awesome job he did! I hoped you guys win something, this was definitely very thoughtful of him. +1 rating.