John Winchesters Colt - Colt Paterson 1836




Colt Paterson 1836

Cosplay prop for John Winchester cosplay.

Materials used:
- wood (birch) - I got mine from the hardware store
- tools: saw, sanding paper, engraving tools, wood glue, knife
- acrylic paint

Step 1: References

As usual!
Getting the complete idea, what this weapon looks like from all sides, it takes some references. The model of this colt is the Paterson colt of 1836 - the very first gun made by Samuel Colt. The colt prop used at the tv show supernatural clearly has it's unique details, this is what I was hoping to reconstruct, too.

Step 2: 3d Modeling

To get the idea, I started building a 3d model of the colt with my program rhinoceros.
I used the blueprint later.

Step 3: Craftwing

Printing out the blueprint helps you focusing and getting the measurements correct.
NOTE:Think about the scale for your hand!This is my relatively tiny woman's hand^^'

Copy the parts onto the wood (I used birch) with a pencil and get ready to use the saw!

Step 4:

Once I got the basic cut of the colt I used sand paper to smooth it and get the edges as sharp as necessary.
A round timber cut in 3 parts - using the two side parts - function as the barrel. the round timber needs to be divided into 3. Glue it onto the colt.
Sand paper to smooth again!

After that I used the tools I could find to engrave the details - the guns details,the ornaments and the pentagram of salomon of course.

Step 5: Color

Painting time. I coded the whole colt with some dark grey spray paint first. After that use silver and grey to give it a metal-ish look.
Some brown mixing for the handle.

Step 6: A Colt to Hunt With

The finished prop made myself and a 'fun' photo example of the cosplay+prop.

Yellow eyed demon here I come!!



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    25 Discussions


    Question 8 months ago on Step 1

    I really love your design! I know this is a long time ago, but do you still happen to have the 3D model of the gun around? I would love to make a gun with a functioning trigger and it would be great if I had your model as a reference. Thanks!

    I know this is kind of an older post but I've been looking to buy a replica, so I'm going to make a 3d model in Inventor when I get time. I you still want one, I'll sent you the STL

    Hello. Do you still have the model? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a download of it, too. Thank you.

    I had planned on it, but moved onto other projects. It's just sitting a quarter of the way done in my files. If I do start back on it, I'll send it to you for sure.


    1 year ago

    The colt looks amazing i was just wondering if you remember what thickness the wood was?


    Oh wow. I guess I take this as a conpliment..haha
    And thank you so much for your concern. i will most certainly be careful and might add a little red to the tip,so it is marked as 'toy' :)


    5 years ago

    Wo wohnst du??? Deutscher ponal und Roller Werbung???

    no one who can do it for you?Well..we figured this would be the way john would try to handle this unknown to him. he probably does not know abo ut angel

    I have to find someone who'll make this for me ASAP! I'm a crazy supernatural fan :D you've done an excellent work! but poor cass :(