Johnny B. the Bunny




Here is what the finished 'Johnny B.' looks like:

Step 1: The Materials

You will need:
-a marker
-cotton balls
-needle and thread
-fabric (used or thrift store t-shirts work well)
-yarn or ribbon (optional)

Step 2: The Pattern

This is the initial pattern for the body, legs, arms, tail, and ear embelishments. The size of the pattern can vary based on how big you want 'Johnny B.' to be.

Step 3: Sewing

You will need to double up the pattern before you begin to sew. To add embelishments like eyes or ear parts you must sew directly onto a piece of the pattern before you begin to stuff. Here are pictures of  the ear embelishment before being sewed on as well as the stuffed and finished ear.

Step 4:

Repeat the sewing steps for the arms, legs and tail. You can also add extra parts like sewed on eyes of any shape. 

Step 5:

If you decide to add eyes or a mouth sew them on before you begin to stuff the rest of the body- then use the same technique as mentioned before to sew the body. Once that is done all you need to do is sew the individual parts (ears, legs, etc.) to the body of 'Johnny B.' You can also add a bow around his neck for added elegance if you so choose. 



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