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I've been meaning to make a copy of this mallet for a friend for ages It's about 35 years old and was made by laminating 4 pieces of Ash together fitted round the Sliding dovetail handle.

I'm going to make it out of American white Oak with a Pine handle.

Part Required. Aprox

2 Pieces of hardwood 300x120x35 outer

1 Piece hardwood 300x120x38 inner

1 piece softwood for the Handle

Glue I used expanding Gorilla glue but the original mallet was glued up with waterproof PVA

Bandsaw or Jigsaw if using Jigsaw I suggest shaping parts before glue up.

Cut the handle to shape and plane the dovetail down to size.

Cut the inner piece in half

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Step 1: Gluing and Laminating

ensure handle and laminates are the same thickness

Wrap the top of the handle with cellophane tape to stop the glue sticking to it then glue up and clamp making sure that the inner laminates are tight to the handle

Step 2: Tap Handle Out and Shape on Bandsaw

Leave overnight to set then tap the handle out of head remove cellophane and shape head on the Bandsaw and plane sand until smooth plane all corners

Step 3: Shape Handle

I used a spokeshave to put rounds on handle and then smoother with palm sander,I sealed and waxed the handle

Step 4: Finished Mallet

Finished mallet showing lamination,

I hope it stand the test of time like the Original.Check out the video

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    3 years ago

    What wood do you recommend? I was going to buy one for use with chisels, but might as well make it! I will also need to go get a spokeshave.

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