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Introduction: Joker Muppet

In this Instructable I will show you how to make the clown prince of crime out of felt, card board and other odds and ends.

Materials you will need:
Three 8 X 11 White felt sheets
One 8 X 11 Yellow felt sheet
One 8 X 11 Pink felt sheet
Cardboard (a Medium sized box will supply plenty)
One Green wig
4 lightweight sticks (I used legs from a broken halloween skeleton)
One ping pong ball
One yard purple cloth
One 20 X10 piece of tan cloth
2 buckles
some scrap leather

Tools you will need:
Hot glue gun
Red and purple markers
Needle and thread.

Step 1: Cardboard

Cut out your cardboard head pieces. I really didn't do a lot of measuring here just kind of eyeballed it. The pieces you see in the first picture are as follows: skull jaw nose two ears. The second photo is the tongue  and the third is of the teeth.

Step 2: Felting

Once every thing is cut out glue the face pieces to your white felt Making sure there are no wrinkles. The tongue is glued to the pink felt, and the teeth to the yellow. Now fold the skull and jaw pieces together as if you were assembling a box (edge to edge) with the excess felt on the inside. Glue the nose to the face, and the ears to the top of the jaw. Make sure you keep the tongue in one peice don't cut it!

Step 3:

Insert the teeth Into the head and glue in place. Now put in the tongue felt side out. Leave a gap for your fingers below And glue into place

Step 4: The Eyes

Cut the ping pong ball in half, pull some yellow felt taught over each and glue in place. There will be small wrinkles around the base but don't worry about them. Draw in pupils. Now line the base of each with white felt, creating an eye shape. trim excess and glue to head.

Step 5: Finishing the Head.

Use the remaining white felt to make the back of the neck gluing from ear to ear. now glue on the wig Finally I glued a felt scrap to the bottom of the nose

Step 6: The Body

Make and out fit for your Muppet This one is one part circus performer and 2 parts straightjacket. inspired by the "The Batman" joker.
and involves basic sewing.  Glue in the arm sticks. my skeleton parts already had a joint but duct taping two of your sicks together should work well.

Step 7: Finishing Up

Attach the head and body With hot glue, and enjoy. See Him in action 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    VERY neat! I love the use of the easy to access materials!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. Everyone remember to vote if you like it!