Joker's Smith & Wesson M76 Submachine Gun




Introduction: Joker's Smith & Wesson M76 Submachine Gun

Soon my friends and I will be making a short parody of the Dark Night trailer.
A prop we will need is the Joker's Smith & Wesson M76 Submachine Gun, for the scene where he yells at Batman 'HIT MEEEEEEEEE'.
So here I fashioned one our of junk.

Step 1: Collect Together Bits and Pieces

FInd anything that you think will work. For Mine I found 4 long highlighter pens, a plastic dart tube, pencils, a pen, bits of a painbrush tray and some old paintbrushes.

Step 2: Start Creating the Main Body

I started by taping the highlighters together with duct tape. You will need lots of it for this project. The 'barrel' also need taping on at this point.

Step 3: Duct-it.

Start taping things together!

Step 4: PAINT.

Acrylic paint will work well.



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    20 Discussions

    Is this in the SWAT Convoy scene with Harvey Dent?

    BTW, what gun does the clown use in the bank robbery scene. It looks like a full auto pistol.

    4 replies

      the gun this instructable is about is in the lead up to the final few scenes (where the Joker overturns a truck, gets out and beckons batman to run him through with his motor cycle.) He uses it to shoot the drivers of two cars out of the way before he drops it.

    and as described below, the bank robbery gun is a Glock series.

     It is a Glock 18 machine pistol, 9mm with ss slide. like the glock 17 but a bit bigger (like most MP's in conparison to their semi auto bretheren), with a recoil compensator cut into the barrel/slide to counteract the ridiculous recoil this high rate of fire gun puts out. Very hard to control, faster rate of fire than a submachine gun. See also the Beretta 93R.

     HEY this helped ALOT thanks. because  i am gonna be the joker. so this will help alot! THANKS! 5/5

    you have a cute kitty! I like your instructable

    or you could have just used a tippmann 98custom. thats all it is... it just has a modified barrel and cocking handle.

    Im sorry. but i must just be picky. i dont think that looks like the m67. its just... way to scrawny all around. you need to beefe it up. and wheres that perferated piece of metal that goes over the back end of the barrele ish... not the muzzel end but the base? im sorry its just old weapons are my thing and im just picky i guess..

    that is great for just some old writing utensils! 5*!

    Me and my friends are also doing our on Dark Knight. Any other weapons that you could show us would be greatly appreciated. My email is