Jolt Can Rocket




i was bored one day and decided to try making a rocket out of a couple of Jolt cans. i used one at first then tried two connected because i wasnt satisfied with the amount of power. two cans and a nozzel did NOT work. it exploded in my face and left me deaf for about 10 minutes.



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Are you fueling with ether? Ifso check out my orbital rocket plans, for the scale you are using you could use a 9volt battery and a cpu fan as a starter compressor. These things will blow shrapnel through you and are not the alcohol toy's you seen here on iables where you just fill it up and light it. but real rockets that is hence the need for a compressor so the combustion happens out side the mixing chamber at the nozzle.. else you get bit's of metal in your limp carcus.. "ether is 4times more violent than gasoline and 10 times more violent than alcohol". you should either use alcohol for this or add a compressor to what you have this is like putting dynomite in a pipe with a cap on it shure the explossion escapes out the open end but the cans/pipe cant take that much force and will kill you man.. does not the "can rocket deform" think. Is a cool rocket worth your life? The info exist here to make a cool rocket,fire it from a safe distance,enjoy the experiance. I hope you the best of luck really, but my advice is use you noodle and dont make momma cry youknow..


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Why was the picture for this some awesome looking scooter thing?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    yes. rocket. lol. i know you wanted to see it fly.. me too i need time though. ill definately post a video if i get it flying. and maybe i could attach fuel tanks to make it run longer. i was actually thinking of replicating it into stainless steel so it can run for a long time.. but again, time and money. lol