JonnyBGood's Mousetrap Powered Gun V2

Introduction: JonnyBGood's Mousetrap Powered Gun V2

About: Hello. I'm JonnyBGood! I'm a college student who now has a degree in Mechanical Engineer Technology. (MET) (excessively worded to mean a person who builds stuff).I enjoy building K'nex guns and many other th...

Behold!! The my Mousetrap powered gun v2! Now with working clip! I also hope that I improved it's look somewhat... but that came second to function. This actually the third fourth mousetrap gun I made but the other two before it didn't work out so well. Now the stats:

Pros:                                                                            Cons:
It works much more frequently than it doesen't           Mouse trap didn't equal the range of my rubberband powered rifle
It looks OK                                                                   Small clip holds three white rods max
Easy to use                                                                  Kind of a flimsy stock
Lightweight                                                                   Trigger mech is where the sights of the gun should
A certain satisfing sound happens every time you      
pull the trigger
Range about 10ft
Trap does not get caught on the side of gun
True trigger

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Step 1: Me Shooting It

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great job, it looks like you've spent a while on this! If you have enough peices, you could replace the rods with lots of yellow peices, the gun still looks like it's in a prototype stage so just do that and it'll be even better! Overall the concept is very good, so keep it up!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The only time this gun decides not to shoot is when I was filming!! Oh well.... at least you can see it's realistic scenario and it isn't perfect. But that was the first time the clip decided not to work. =)