JonnyBGood's WhaleShark Rifle

About: Hello. I'm JonnyBGood! I'm a college student who now has a degree in Mechanical Engineer Technology. (MET) (excessively worded to mean a person who builds stuff).I enjoy building K'nex guns and many other th...

This is my piece de' resistence, the best I have. First you may be thinking why WhaleShark? Well my prototypes of this gun kind of looked like a shark and this gun was so huge that I decided to name it after the largest shark I know. T I used all my knowledge and know how on this to try to make this unique to me. I built this about 3 months ago and I decided to show that I can make a gun that looks like a finished project. Now the stats:

Pros:                                       Cons:
Good looking                         A little boxy
Large reliable clip                  Kind of heavy
Thin                                       Slightly flimsy
Easy to hold                          Trigger mech can't hold to much elastic
Sturdy stock
Easy to use
Best range of any gun I made 10ft - 25ft
Fun to shoot

Step 1: The Gun in Action



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    The trigger mech and pin design looks good. To improve the range (10~25 ft isn't too good for todays standard), you should try bringing the magazine forward. That way, the pin has more speed to accelerate, and therefore, a higher range.

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    Thanks! Thought that I would show that I have enough knex for about anything. It's just that I built two big projects, four guns, four vehicles and a few other things. I sidetrack really easily so I normally work on multiple things at once.