Joule Thief From 0.75V to 1.8V


Introduction: Joule Thief From 0.75V to 1.8V


This Joule Thief takes 0.75V and charge up it to 2.1V without load and with 10-20mA load to 1.8V.

- SM4007
- R0805 1K
- C1206 10nF
- 4700/25 (uF/V)
- PN2222
- 2V4 and 5V6 zener diode
- 2 Wago508 terminals

Step 1: Desing PCB in Eagle CAD.

Download my eagle desing and just print. I used 4 th compoments and other smd.

Step 2: PCB

Classic toner transfer.

Step 3: Soldering and Winding Coil :D

I used 30cm of white and blue wires and wound it. First solder smd parts and then th.

Step 4: Testing

For me it works. Voltages depends on turns and ferrite size.



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    I have been playing around with these and really enjoy them. I didn't use a cap just a bjt 3904 a 1k resistor and an led. I put a scope on the C and E and was able to see the oscillation. it was amazing something like 333Mhz. These buck boost circuits are great for learning.

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    :) I dont have scope and i really want to buy Owon SDS8102 :)