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Introduction: Joule Thief : It Last

I'm beginner in Electonic, tried things as hobby.. a basic circuits. I  tried Joule Thief circuits  but wasn't success. Searched webs and testing every valuable comments in this instructable... still it's not worked.

Joule thief is not working.

Then I found this site. • View topic - Joule Thief Kit

The Notice in  Schematic caught my attention. Checked mine and corrected it.

For the beginner... the tricks and notices are VERY IMPORTANT..., success in easy Project is a base to another difficult one. I should have commented in the above instructable topics but decided it should be raised for beginner  easily searching.
Thanks for those above 2 web topics for my success. :)
Sorry for all the Pro here you could pass it. This is my first submit so please be easy to me.

Here is what's wrong and corrected on my project.



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    Well done! I made the same mistake and a fellow ham radio friend pointed it out to me, dah. Then I went searching and found the explanation, I believe on Wiki of the two types of windings, if you attach the same side ends of the wires together it is called a non-inductance winding, and it is useless for the Joule Thief. I haven't yet found out what it would be good for.

    I want to make one and was going to check out the pic you have up there but it's extremely blurry.

    Thank you for posting this. Exactly what I needed, got my failed project working now. :)

    Thanks, i built one and it didnt work, i suspect thats exactly what i did wrong. time to get a needle out and re wrap one coil