Joycon Grip Mushy Trigger Fix

Introduction: Joycon Grip Mushy Trigger Fix

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The Nintendo Switch is a great party console, but the biggest complaint is probably how small and uncomfortable the Joy-Cons are when playing with some friends.

As a result, I bought some Joy-Con Grips on Amazon. I was pretty happy with how much more ergonomic and comfortable they were to hold. The only drawback were the drop in the trigger responsiveness.

So, if you've purchased some grips yourself, here's how you can breathe some life into those mushy triggers.

All you need is the following:

I do not recommend Styrofoam as it loses its shape after repeated stress.

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Step 1: Open Up the Grips

Using a small Phillips screwdriver, I removed the four screws securing the backplate of the grip.

Gently pry along the edges until the backplate comes off.

Step 2: Remove the Triggers

The triggers are held in by some small pegs so gently wiggle them until they come free.

The reason why the triggers are so mushy is that the "spring" is really just a piece of cheap, porous sponge.

Step 3: Replace Trigger Sponges

This step will require some trial and error. You will have to cut pieces similar to the sponge pieces you're replacing. I found that padding the uneven curved area of the trigger with a thin piece of foam really helps with the springiness of the triggers.

Cut and trim until you are happy with the responsiveness. Don't forget to put in a Joy-Con to test out your new "springs" before closing your grips up.

If you use your grips often, you may have to swap out the foam every so often.

Happy gaming!

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