Joystick Controlled Wheelchair Aided With Obstacle Tracker



Intro: Joystick Controlled Wheelchair Aided With Obstacle Tracker

In order to facilitate physically disabled people with safe riding an ultrasonic sensor is used to track the obstacles present on the way. Based on the movement of joystick the motors will drive wheelchair in any four directions and speed on each direction increases as far the one presses joystick controller. The presence of obstacle on the way is detected by ultrasonic sensor and the motion in all three directions except backward direction ceases, and system if on motion comes to rest. This automated system is based on simple electronic control and mechanical arrangement that is controlled by programmable interface controller.

Also this system is scale down to 1:3.

Step 1: Things We Need

Arduino Uno or Mega

Ultrasonic sensor

Dual axis joystick

Two DC Motor and motor drive IC (L298)

12 Volt Battery as a power source to drive motor and arduino.

Some jumper wire

Arduino IDE installed computer

Wheel and frame depends on what you make. (We used a scaled down wheel chair)

Step 2: Programing

Here is the program we have used to drive the wheel chair and simultaneously ultrasonic sensor aids to detect obstacle and we have to maneuver it manually using joystick. So, it is like semi automatic.

We drive it using a joystick. If obstacle appears within 50 cm then the control is restricted to both sideways and fronts except it can be reversed.

Step 3: Here Is a Testing Video

You can check this link for a Video.



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