Jugger-Nog Machine

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(This is my first instructable so plz have some respect :p)

So this is my Jugger-Nog machine bit taller in real life than the game not that smooth (you can find a better box than me) But works! (Not by coin buy but just take out put in bottle the coin does not effect anything)so yeah umm...

lets get started!

Step 1: Main Body

use two boxes for the body a large sleek one for the main body and the small one for the front thing.

So take the box and put it on the bigger one oh and cut it so that its small enough like the game

and take a small paper towel tube and a small cardboard circle and create the top sign (seen at beginning) so yeah put it all together! (oh PS that thing in the background is an unpainted TARDIS from Doctor who and VERY messy room...)

Step 2: Top Part

k so just take some white paper (or paint) to put on the top go around the middle thing so it looks like the game

then write on the front "drink


(10c) "

on the left side "Take a TUG on that sweet sweet JUG" the finally on the right "Ice Cold"

Step 3: Bottom and Bottle Release

Finally take red paint or paper and paint as shown above (sorry for sideways) then take some white and black paint and put black as indicated on the picture and put 10c on it and a little slit about the size of a dime on it the cut a rectangle on the bottom left and make a hinge the front should be hollow if its not drill or cut a small rectangle for the Jugger-Nog bottle to fit in the machine.

Now its Finished!



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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Your welcome! I built this a long time ago and the other classic perk machines except speed cola but I was looking for a file till I found a few pics of me building this so I just slapped it on Instructables just for a first I might make instructions for the other 2 :)