Juggling Bogeyman Bag

Introduction: Juggling Bogeyman Bag

Tragically does not actually juggle, it does however provide a neat place to store juggling balls.

My Doommate and I both practice juggling so there are always sets of balls lying around the house. I decided to take an afternoon and give them somewhere to live. Everyone deserves to live somewhere interesting.

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Step 1: Planning & Materials

You should always start with a good plan. I however go the rough sketch who needs accurate measurements route.

I used materials lying around the house.

2 X rectangular pieces of fabric (mine were about 13" X 6")
4 X circular pieces of fabric (these are about 7")
A long piece of scrap fabric for a drawstring
A zipper, sewing machine and a bit of time on your hands.

Also I suppose a need to store something in a bag with a divider.

Step 2: The Body

Easy enough, pin two circles together nice side in. Sew most of the way around, leaving just enough space to pull the fabric back through. Sew the rest up and do the next one while you're on a roll.

Since it was going to have a face I sewed my eyes on before sewing my two rectangles together along the base. There are no photos of the rectangle being sewn, I must have fallen into a machine trance.

Step 3: The Drawstring

Pin the scrap fabric together and sew it up to make a nice long string.

Then pin down about an inch along the top of the head. Fight with your cheap sewing machine for twenty minutes before realizing it's not horribly broken it's just picky and doesn't like your lining material.

Consider scrapping the whole thing then find some gumption and make a folded cuff in scrap material for your drawstring.

Sew the short sides of the rectangles together, the lining and outer fabric separately. Again no photos of this.

Step 4: Finsh It Off

Sew the bottom of the head onto one of the finished circles. Success!

The rest I sewed by hand, first the second circle to the middle of the inner lining. Then after slicing a hole in only the bottom section I sewed the zipper on. Now it's easy to find and grab just the set of balls you're looking for.

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