Juice Box War's




Introduction: Juice Box War's

I got this idea while sitting in animation class. A couple of my friends and I started throwing juice box's at each other and I got the random idea make a video of a juice box invasion. Hope you enjoy

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Step 1: Materials

  • Juice box of your choice
  • scissors
  • webcam
  • stop-motion pro

Step 2: Filming in Progress

Using stop-motion pro film your video. To create the affect of the juice box going into the ground look to the second picture.
To create this affect just simply cut the juice box bit by bit while taking pictures this creates the disappearing affect

Step 3: Sound Affects

Personally i use sounddogs.com to find my sound affects for my videos.  go to www.sounddogs.com to find you free sound affects from dogs barking to gun shot whats ever you might need.

Step 4: Editing

Using adobe premiere pro edit you video to add music, sound affects or what ever you might want to add.

Step 5: Finished Video

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    Colonel Hogan
    Colonel Hogan

    5 years ago

    You should make a YouTube series based off of this