EZ-EL July 4th Independence Day Hat! Step-By-Step Tutorial




Introduction: EZ-EL July 4th Independence Day Hat! Step-By-Step Tutorial

About: Electroluminescent Wire is an amazing technology. Working like a fluorescent light bulb in wire form, it can be applied to just about anything. The possibilities are endless; you can bend it, cut it, splice ...

Get ready for 4th of July with EZ-EL's Independence Day Hat! Take our red, white, and blue EL wire and make your own July 4th hat. Its great for the whole July 4th weekend! Wear it, show your patriotism, and have fun with it!

Feel free to change out the colors and the design to make it your own!

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1. Hat
2. 10' Red EL Wire
3. 10' Blue EL Wire
4. 10' White EL Wire
5. Needle
6. Black Sewing Thread
7. 3v Inverter
8. 3-way splitter cable
9. Scissor
10. 1-3 Zip Tie

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Step 1: Cut Hole

Using a scissor, cut a 3/4 in. hole at the top corner of the hat. Mimic what is being done in the picture or poke a hole where ever you want to start off your design. Poking this hole will help conceal the start of the wire and allow the output wires to be concealed inside the hat.

Step 2: String the Wire Through the Hole

String EL wire through the hole you have just made in Step 1.

Step 3: Zip Tie

Zip tie the red, white, and blue EL wire together.

Step 4: Pull!

Once the wire is through the hole, pull the EL wire all the way through unti the very end. Make sure to conceal the non-Plastic part inside of the hat.


Step 5: Start Stiching

You can do any pattern you choose to. Place the wire anywhere you want to start your design. I chose to start the process at the top of the hat. Poke the needle from inside the hat and poke it through to the outside and continue two more times. the string should end up back inside the the hat where you tie it off with the starting end.

Step 6: Collect Wire & Twist

Wrap the collected wires together on the edge and sew it at the curving point.

Put the EL wires together. Sew the beginning in to the side of the hat first, then start twisting. Once you are satisfied with the length of the twist pattern go ahead and sew the end point of the twist pattern to the hat. ( I twisted the wire until the i used up all the wire.) Then twist tie the end point to prevent it from unraveling. Using the twisted pattern wrap the wire around the hat or line it up to create your own design.

Step 7: Poke Hole and End Point

Poke a hole at the brim of the hat or anywhere your design ends. Then string the excess wire through the hole. This helps conceal the wire and allows it to rest on the side of the hat.

Snip off any excess wire with a wire cutter and you've got yourself a custom made hat! Feel free to change out the colors and the design to make it your own!

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    Glad you guys like it! And good suggestion, Ev, thank you!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Use clear fishing line, it'll be invisible!