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Introduction: July 4th Sparkler Lightsaber!

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Join the dark side and create one of the most awesome July 4th firework toys ever! I think I can safely say that everybody here has wondered what it would be like to have a light saber at least once or twice. Become Yoda`s apprentice by learning how to create a sparkler light saber in this Jedi-worthy Instructable.

Materials list

10 1 And 3/16 Inch Diameter O-Rings

6 Grade C Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

4 3/8 x 2 and 1/2 inch Tension Pins

1 1 And 1/4 Inch Diameter Sure Grip Shallow Flange With A Chrome Plated Finish

3 Brass Plated Acorn Nuts

1 SPST Illuminated Rocker Switch

1 1 And 1/8 Inch Metal Hole Plug

1 1 And 1/4 Inch Diameter And 12 Inch Long Chrome Plated Aluminum Pipe

10 Or More Packs Of Sparklers

1 Strong And Flame Resistant Adhesive

1 Roll Of Scotch Tape

1 Pair of Heat-Resistant Gloves

1 Hack saw

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Step 1: Putting on the O-Rings

Take 3 O-Rings and slide them up about a third of the length of the Aluminum Pipe. Make sure the O-Rings are all close together and touching. Now take the remaining 7 O-Rings and slide them up to the point where they are approximately 1 inch apart from the 3 O-Rings. Make sure the 7 O-Rings are close together and touching.

Step 2: Using the Force to Glue Lock Nuts

Take out your 6 Lock Nuts and Space them evenly apart inside the gap between the O-Rings. Push in or out the O-Rings until all of the Lock Nuts are touching the O-Rings. Then using the Adhesive, glue down all of the lock nuts into place. Wipe away the excess glue where needed.

Step 3: Rocker Switch Cutting Using Jedi Precision

Using a hack saw, cut off the bottom portion of the Rocker Switch at the point where the threaded section ends. Make sure to cut as straight and smooth as possible being careful not to cut into the red switch. Now glue on the Rocker Switch approximately at the center of the Aluminum Pipe. Wipe away excess glue.

Step 4: Acorn Nut Attatchment

Find out the place on the Aluminum Pipe exactly opposite from the Rocker Switch. Then position the 3 Acorn Nuts in a vertical line and approximately a quarter of an inch apart from each other. Glue down the Acorn Nuts in this position and wipe away the excess glue.

Step 5: Placing the Tension Pins Using Telekinesis

Evenly space the 4 Tension Pins apart on the Aluminum Pipe. Position them so that each one of the Tension Pins had the gap sticking outwards. Now glue down the Tension Pins in this position and wipe away all excess glue.

Step 6: The Shallow Flange Apparatus

Position the Shallow Flange on the end of the Aluminum Pipe closest to the Tension pins. Place it so that if you were to stand up the light saber vertically and look at the top section, the Shallow Flange would make the Aluminum Pipe look like a bowl. The Shallow Flange is added to the light saber to protect your hand from the heat and sparks from the light saber.

Step 7: Metal Hole Plug Containment System

The Metal Hole Plug is vital to the light saber because it prevents sparklers from traveling through the pipe and going out of the wrong end. Take the Metal Hole Plug and put it on the hole closest to the O-Rings. Wipe away excess glue to give your light saber a cleaner and more futuristic look.

Step 8: Sparkler Taping

Taking out anywhere from 12-30 sparklers, group them together and tape around the chemical section and the metal section of the sparkler. Fun fact: Sparklers can reach 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and up!

Step 9: Sparkler Placement

Taking your taped up sparkler bunch, put it into the Aluminum Pipe to the point that the sparkler metal is slightly above the beginning of the Shallow Flange.Then tape the sparklers into position using Scotch Tape.

Step 10: Using Your Jedi Cutting Skills!

Now pull 1 sparkler from the middle of the bunch approximately an inch out. Put on your Heat Resistant Gloves and use a lighter to light the extruding sparkler. The purpose of the extruded sparkler is to act as a fuse to give you more time to get out of the heat zone produced by the burning sparklers. As soon as you have lit the sparklers, you can cut through plastic and cardboard as much as you please. You are now a true Jedi!

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