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Introduction: Jump Starter Compressor Hack

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99% of jump starters fail due to a faulty or old battery.  Since the small enclosed12v batteries are generally not cost effective to replace this leaves you with a mostly functional compressor and parts. 

This instructable will illustrate how to hack the jumpstarter to create a functional and portable compressor to store in your garage or tuck away in your truck for emergencies.

Note: This will without a doubt void your warranty.

Step 1: Tools & Materials


1) Soldering Iron
2) Drill, knife or hole punch
3) Screwdriver


1) Non Functioning Jump Starter with compressor
2) Plexiglas, plastic sheet, or some thin rigid material
3) Screws, Bolts

Step 2: Teardown

Open the Jump Starter and remove the rear compressor module shown in the picture.  Notice the dead battery which comprises the bulk of the weight and cost.  A similar 12V17Ah (12Volt 17Amp/Hour) battery will cost between $50-$100 plus shipping.  Detailed teardown.

New Battery:
Google Shopping

Caution:  The battery may not store enough voltage to run the compressor or jump a car but is still capable of delivering a wake up jolt.

Step 3: Re Wire Power

1)  Cut a hole in the case and mount the DC power jack salvaged from the now destroyed Jumper.

2)  Re-wire the leads to the new power jack.  The small compressor motor should only have a hot and ground wire.  The leads that were connected to the battery in the jumper will now be connected to the new port.

* Yes the compressor turned yellow.  I had a couple dead ones.

Step 4: Mount Cover

1) Cut out an acrylic cover to the size of the compressor.  Any material should work, hard plastic sheet, wood, marble slab, etc.

2) Drill holes in the cover to match the compressor and bolt it on.

Step 5: Make Power Cable

Power for the compressor can be supplied from two different ways (AC or DC). 

1) You can plug the compressor into the wall and use the AC/DC adapter that was used to recharge the jumper.  And...
2) Wire a 12v port plug and run the compressor from the vehicles battery.

Wire a 12V Port Plug to run from the vehicles battery:

1) Select a wire long enough to reach to the farthest tire. 
2) Solder one end of the wire to the 12V car jack as shown in the picture.
3) Solder the other end to a DC jack that fits into the DC port on the compressor

Caution:  Pay attention to polarity or you will short our your car battery and blow a fuse.

Step 6: Finalize

Throw it in your truck or garage.

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    3 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I have a 5 in 1 jump starter, ac generator, air compressor, work light, and dc generator. Now I know what to do if the battery fails. Thank you very much for posting.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Good instructable, but...

    Two days ago I had to repair one of those mini compressor, very bad quality.

    The cylinder was grooved with the piston pin, beyond repair, so I sleeved it with thin brass sheet. I replaced the piston pin, for which I had to enlarge the hole. Now it works, but I think in a very short time will be spent newly.