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Introduction: Junebug Jewelry

My name is Lindsay Duffy. I was born 4/25/90. I am a jewelry design and repair student and this is my dream project. I love making jewelry and I want to start my own line of jewelry. This line will be called Junebug. The gemstones used in Junebug are emerald and peridot. As a jewelry design student, I don’t have the money to make this line a reality. The money from the contest would be used to buy the gemstones, crystals, and metal nessassary to make this a reality. The money would also be spent on the tools needed for this project. This includes a metal melting pot, silicon (for molds), mold pans, gem tumblers, and gem cutters.

Junebug Jewelry is my way of fighting against one of the deadliest disease ever: Alzheimer's disease. Half of all proceeds will go to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund. And with your help, this could become a reality.



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    What a wonderful project and such a good cause. I'll definitely check out your shop on Etsy. I hope that this note finds both you and your grandparents in good health. There is such a special bond between kids and grandparents that never goes away, and I count myself lucky to have had grandparents until I was in my forties. (I did lose my American grandparents when I was 18) Best of luck in your endeavors and the best of health to you and yours.

    Great. I will check it out!!!! It's beautiful, and I'm sorry you didn't win.

    Thank you! I didn't win and have had to put Junebug on hold for financial reasons. I do sell jewelry on Etsy.com. My shop's name is Haysian Beauty Jewelry.

    Hello! This is a very lovely idea and I would defiantly buy this jewelry. I had an idea for you. If you don't end up winning, you could always use a site where they pay you for your opinion or sell things on eBay. Just a suggestion! I hope this all works out for you! Best of luck!!!! :)