Vintage Look - Jungle Lantern




A simple photography inlay lantern built out of 3D printed parts for home decoration, mood lighting and pure awesomeness!

Overall it's a 30 minute DIY project (excluding printing time).

Step 1: The Parts

You need very little parts since the main body parts are 3D printed.

Here is the bill of materials:

- 3D Printer & filament (use a lively color!)

- A few printed pictures on standard laser paper (both color & B/W work well)

- A light bulb & 110V receptacle

- Transparent PVC/Acrylic/Glass shape (preferably a cylinder or a sphere)

I have not attached the STL files for 3D printing because they need to be redesigned depending on the diameter of the tube you will be using, lightbulb size... etc

Step 2: The Assembly

The assembly is trivial. Simply snap together the 3d printed parts, add your picture inside and clip it together. A few drops of superglue or glue gun here and there where it's not visible is a good recommendation if you plan on occasionally moving the lantern around.

From the top view you can see the insides, and from side view, the Jungle photograph I chose to put inside.

Step 3: Final Setup

And voila! This is what it looks like once on and in place. Simple & awesome!



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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I'm going to have a go at adapting your "ible" to accommodate the fact that I don't have a 3D printer! I will post my results! Thanks again x


    4 years ago

    Oooohhhh if only I could afford a 3D printer! Project looks great though, thanks for sharing x