Junk Key Necklace

Turn broken jewelry into a new necklace.

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Step 1: Materials

Flat key
Broken jewelry, beads, bling
Wire cutters, needle nose pliers, craft glue
Necklace chain, jump ring

(This project works best if you have a large piece as a focal point. I used a pendant that was beginning to tarnish and needed spruced up.)

Step 2: GLUE IT!

Center the pendant on the key, then glue the back & let it set.
Glue the bling around the edge of the pendant, and down the front of the key.
Glue extra beads for some color. (I added them after the next step, but still ok.)

Step 3: Assemble

Use the pliers to put a jump ring on the key; string the chain through it. 



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