Junk Motor Boat




Introduction: Junk Motor Boat

i am nayeem pinjar from project DEFY mangalore makerspace ,i am making junk motor boat with use of junk materials


  • white wood
  • motor
  • moter fan
  • bamboo
  • battery
  • wires
  • switch


  • gule gun
  • saw
  • soldering gun

Step 1: Take a Wooden Plank

Take a wooden plank of length of 10mm and width of 5mm .

Step 2: Stick the Bamboo to White Wood

Take a bamboo and cut it in small pieces and stick to white wood with the help of glue gun.

Step 3: Check the Motor to White Wood

Take a motor check the motor and stick to white wood

Step 4: Stick the Motor and Battery to White Wood

After sticking check the motor and fix the battery .

Step 5: Check Is It Working of Not After Finished

check the motor and all electronics if it working after you finished .

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    Fun summer project. It makes me wish that I had access to a pool.