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About: Relatively docile yet insanely creative builder. Constantly lacking materials and time. Always thinking of new ideas, just never enough pens/pencils/paper to write them down, or short-term memory loss does t...

This is a random little bot that I made yesterday in the span of my sleeplessness. I was inspired by my buddy getting a custom Android doll for the holidays, and decided to make my own little desktop companion.

Not much about this guy - made from bits and pieces taken from two printers, a Blu-Ray player, a Honda ECU, a toy laser, a destroyed motherboard and a Xacto knife. On its right arm is where two lights are added: they can be made out to be blasters or giant arm-mounted flashlights. The left arm has a laser mounted underneath and has blades extending from the 'hand' of the robot. It appears to be wearing some armor that protects its torso and legs. The back carries the power assemblies for the tool-hands. Its head is protected by a rubbery helmet with glass cover-screens.

Well, there's a first time for everyone, and this is mine. I hope you guys enjoy!



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    Thanks. :)

    I am saving the cash to construct a 3-D printer, then I can really begin to create more nifty things. As of the moment, I am spending my time designing a variety of robots and other items on a program.