Jurassic World Pt. 2 ( T- Rex )

About: Hey my Name is PorcheaKhadijiahBaby and I am a Beauty Guru aka a YouTuber/Beauty Blogger. I got serious with my Makeup July 25, of 2014. A lot happened illnesses and stuff but now I'm back and ready for acti...

First step is to watch the video...easy right ???

Then all you have to do is go to www.PorcheaKhadijiahBaby.com for all the products used.. and you are done.

Also please like,share and subscribe. I'm trying to get to 5,000 views on my YouTube and 200 subscribers. Also feel free to subscribe to my blog to get daily updates on all my Halloween videos. Would love to add more members to the PKBaby Family. Have a great day and keep being you !!!



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