Jury Riggin a Wagner Power Spayer Suction Kit




I recently had to stain and water seal 405′ of my 6′ privacy fence, both sides, that is 4860 square feet. No small task, and my wife wanted me to do it with a 6″ roller, ahh no. I went out and got me a 5.4 GPH Wagner Power WIDE SHOT Power Painter. It came with a suction tube to pull paint directly from the bucket, (by the way I used 25 gallons), and a clip to attach the hoses to the bucket. I thought great, I won’t have to stop and refill every few minutes.

It worked great for about 10 minutes until the suction and the return hose begin to float to the top. I tried many different ways to keep the F*&%(*# hoses on the bottom of the bucket but every attempt just pissed me off more. I finally tried one that worked.

Easy Setup: I got rid of the really annoying clip, took a 5 gallon paint mixing stick, zip tied the hoses to the stick, and then clamped the whole thing on the edge of the bucket. Simple and really effective. I went through a 5 gallon bucket of stain in about an hour and a half.

I love the Power Sprayer but the Suction Kit needed some serious Riggin’.

Make it really easy on yourself, take this Jury Rig and use it.




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    2 years ago

    Great tip, thanks. What was the inside diameter of the suction hose? I've miss-placed mine and need to get a replacement. Thanks again.


    12 years ago

    Good tip.