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Introduction: Just Another Birdhouse

About: I got hooked on pallet wood 2 years ago.Just find it very relaxing to make stuff in my woodshop.

Im allways looking for new ways to to distress wood.I was going for the old barnwood look.The nails are fake(another way to use those pesky nailheads).This project involves a table saw and a torch,please use common sense.The first pic was without stain.


table saw

brad nailer

drill & 1" 1/4 bit

small propane torch

miter saw (optional)



aprox 3' of wood,my wood was 5" 1/4.any width will work.

paint-red&gray. use cheap waterbased paint

water based polyurathane

stain-I used minwax walnut

Step 1: Get Your Wood

I made sure the pallet I used was heat treated,this one was pine and very clean.

Step 2: Cut Wood

Pretty basic bird house,grabbed the plans from the net.

cut list(see pics)

5" 1/2x3" 3/4 bottom

9"x4"1/2 roof

9"x5"1/4 roof

(2) 5"1/2x5"1/4 sides

(2)8"x5"1/4 front & back

Step 3: Cut the Shingles

Lay out your cuts and center the blade on each line.I set my blade height to 3/16th.

Step 4: Paint

Paint the house red & the roof gray

Step 5: Sand & Burn

Now the fun part.After the paint drys,sand untill the grain shows.After that use the torch,you may want to practice on a spare part first.Its a little tricky,you have to keep the torch moving.I did not burn the roof.

Step 6: Put It Toghter

Pretty basic from here.Drill the hole,I went up 4" from bottom.I used a dark stain to make the wood look aged.The nailheads are fake.The poly brings out the red.

any? hit me up



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    I may try this one, but i've been thinking of putting rubber car or door mat, over a thin plywood roof to make it more weather resistant for a long time. But i really like the way you burn to get the old look to the wood, thanks for the idea.

    1 reply

    Send me a pic.Spar varnish is another option for weather issues.


    2 years ago

    My mother's house just burned down Saturday night. I just might be able to get some wood the easy way!

    1 reply

    Thanks,I like it also.Going to try it again on another project with different colored paint.

    I think turquoise with that grey or purple with a dark grey/black would look awesome