Just Twist It ;-)

Introduction: Just Twist It ;-)

Hello frndzzzzzzzzz...

Here I am going to explain how to make twisted braid. Its easy ,simple, quick and can be styled on unwashed hair for 3-4 days when you cant manage other hairstyle.

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Step 1: Start...

Start with simple side pony tail with hair band.

Step 2:

Now take second hair band and make pony tail with space between two hair bands..

Step 3:

Now twist it as shown in pictures...

Step 4:

Likewise make twists for full length of your hair...

Step 5:

Now if you want you can cut your hairbands... but with precautions that you dont cut any hair strand...and first hair band should be left uncut.

Step 6:

So its look like this... and then you can make more decorations or styles as you wish...I just hide main hairband with hair strand and taddaaaaaaa you are ready to rock 8-)

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    3 years ago

    that's beautiful! I love it!


    Reply 3 years ago

    @vegasunset: Thank you so much dear...:-)