Just Another Survival Kit





Introduction: Just Another Survival Kit

I've seen lots of survival kits here, but they're complicated or they missed something important

And now that's the general-purpose everyday survival kit

Step 1: A Proper Build Up

from left to right:
a box (approx 9x6x3.5 cm)
some cloth
coffee filter
~40cm of fuse
swiss knife (multitool)
cigarette filter (sealed)
inox wire
a straw
a pencil
3 units of sugar
electrical tape
a small cutter blade
Bunsen lighter

Step 2: You're Ready

now, you only need to fit everything inside your box and go for an adventure!
And also feel free do edit the kit as you want and remember to leave a like and follow!
I really appreciate this :3

Step 3: UPDATE: Tool Pack

After a while, i updated my survival pack and now I packed it with lot of more tools.
From Left to Right:
A piece of tin
Some fuse
waterproofed match (red straw)
Multitool (a cheap clone of a Leatherman)
Swiss Knife with a paracord lanyard
Compressed cotton (orange straw)
waterproofed cigarette filter
Duct Tape
Loose Cotton
Hand Soap
Micro BIC lighter



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    3 Discussions

    This looks handy!

    Not having ever made survival kit myself, I'm curious about the uses of some of the contents, though. Like the cigarette filter, the sulfur, and the inox wire. How would these items be used in an emergency?

    2 replies

    Well, for the cigarette filter, it could be used in combination with the straw, the inox wire to tie something together (it's so strong that actually is difficult to cut with my pocket knife)
    and the sulfur is useful because when lit up, is really bright and can be used to start a fire

    Cool, thanks for the response!