Just Make It!! BT Smart Fan :)

I will introduce a BT Smart Fan :)
You can make bluetooth smart fan if you follow this contents.
It is very easy and simple way.
Let's start!

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Step 1: Prepare Meterials

We need a several meterials

  1. WIZwiki-W7500 board
  2. Arduino Motor Shield
  3. Easy Module Shield(not absolutely necessary)
  4. JMOD-BT-1(HC-05) bluetooth module
  5. Servo motor(SG-90)
  6. DC motor(5V DC motor)
  7. Rubber eraser (just support DC motor any object)
  8. Some scatch tapes
  9. DC jack(connect Motor Shield)
  10. Some hexagon spacer nut/screw
  11. Some cables
  12. USB mini B type cable
  13. 5V DC Power Supply

They are all... for this project~!

Step 2: Hardware Connection:Servo+WIZwiki-W7500

connect SG-90 Servo Motor and hex nut.

Step 3: Hardware Connection:Servo+WIZwiki-W7500

Hex nut/screw connect each corner portion.

Step 4: Hardware Connection:Servo+WIZwiki-W7500

the finished connect servo and WIZwiki-W7500.

Step 5: Hardware Connection:DC Motor + Rubber Eraser

DC motor and Rubber Eraser wrap with tape.

Step 6: Hardware Connection:Arduino Motor Shield+DC Motor+DC Jack

DC motor and DC jack connect Arduino Motor Shield~

Please refer to the picture.

Step 7: Hardware Connection:Arduino Motor Shield+WIZwiki-W7500

Motor Shield mounted on the WIZwiki-W7500.

Step 8: Hardware Connection:Servo + DC Motor

DC Motor maounted on the Servo.

Step 9: Hardware Connection:Arduino Motor Shield + Easy Shield

Easy Shield maounted on the Arduino Motor Shield.

Step 10: Hardware Connection:Easy Shield + Servo

Servo cable connect to easy shield (GND,VCC,SDA(change function to PWM using software))

Step 11: Hardware Connection:Easy Shield + JMOD-BT-1

JMOD cable connect to easy shield pin (GND,VCC,TX,RX).

Step 12: Hardware Connection:Connect Power Supply

DC jack and USB cable connect.

Step 13: Prepare Development Environment

I prepared mbed develpment environment by the following site.

You not installed Tool, Just use Internet.

To get start with mbed.org go on side https://developer.mbed.org/ and create free account.

If you are ready open compiler and create first project.

Step 14: Reference Software : Mbed

Source code is https://developer.mbed.org/users/justinkim/code/BTSmartFan_WIZwiki-W7500/

You import this program and compile using mbed internet compiler.

You can get bin file.

Step 15: Reference Software : Smart Phone

download smartphone application.

blueterm is bluetooth serial terminal.

Step 16: How to Run : Test Result

You can see the test result by the video.
Thank you for your attention.

Step 17:



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