K'Nex Crossbow




A High-Powered K'Nex crossbow that can reach a pretty long distance depending on how many rubber bands you put on it. Its made entirely out of K'Nex and Rubber Bands

Step 1: Make the Rubber Band Holder.

This part is critical, so follow the instructions carefully

Step 2: Make the Body of the Crossbow

This piece is not so critical but is still needed

Step 3: Make the Trigger System

This part is a little tricky but is very important - without it the crossbow is hard to load and shoot

Step 4: Make the Handle

This part is not really all that important, but it does make it easier to hold the crossbow

Step 5: Put the Handle and Trigger System Together

Click the Handle and trigger system together using the two white rods and the two yellow connectors

Step 6: Attatch the Handle/trigger to the Body

enter longer description for this step

Step 7: Attatch the Body/trigger/handle to the Bow

Put the the body/trigger/handle on the bow by connecting the yellow rods to the yellow connectors and the green rods to the yellow connectors.

Step 8: Add Rubber Bands

Add the rubber bands between the two red connectors (I added sello-tape to improve performance)

Step 9: Add Counter Rubber Bands

Add the counter rubber bands on the white and blue rods to make the trigger work - These rubber bands must overpower the other rubber bands for the trigger to work

Step 10: Add a Trigger

Add an orange piece to the trigger system to make it easier to use

Step 11: Bow Complete!

The bow is now complete, But don't go Yet, you need to make the bolts that it fires see the next step to make a bolt

Step 12: Make a Bolt

Make this bolt (if you don't have the weird bit at the tip you can use a grey connector instead, or just don't have a tip)

Step 13: Fire the Crossbow

Pull back the Rubber bands and place them in the slot on the yellow connectors

Step 14: Put the Bolt In

Put the bolt in the crossbow so that the orange connector on the bolt is sitting so the rubber bands are inside the end of it

Step 15: Pull the Trigger!

Pull back the orange connector piece made in step 10! - but Be careful where you shoot it



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mister knex

4 years ago on Introduction

Amazing ! I just got Working Riot Point Generator for totally FREE ! Come and download this RP Generator too

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7 years ago on Step 14

i made it and it works


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

if your not a member you cant make the pic's bigger


Reply 8 years ago on Step 15

There is a youtube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYcwRZvD3WY . There it has clear instructions.


Very Good I Modded it very rapidly and its is more bigger longer and bullet is changed to have a red conneter on the end to make it more realistic,
also i have mended it so more rubberband's can be added.

Panzer 95

8 years ago on Introduction

Anyone made a good looking pistol that fires? Most look kinda rubbish

Panzer 95

8 years ago on Introduction

Anyone made a good looking pistol that fires? Most look kinda rubbish


8 years ago on Introduction

its good for its size but it isnt powerful unless you want to risk breaking parts


8 years ago on Introduction

the only thing wrong with this crossbow is that if you use enough elastic bands and make it strong enough without to much that makes the grew long bits snap is that the actualy neck could brake so iv made a modded version hope u like it havent started a structional for it yet tho so heres a pic. sorry about the pic on its side

1 reply

i have done a similar modification and found out that more than 3 rubber bands with bend and snap the gray rods so i modified on with a scope, iron sights, and ended up with longer bow and better handle