K-Nex Floor Cleaner




Introduction: K-Nex Floor Cleaner

If your like me, then you spill things like Cheerios or dog food all over the place. I got so sick of cleaning stuff up that I came up with a solution. I made a floor cleaning robot. Yes a Roomba may work better or faster but hey you can make this in <15mins.

Step 1: the Chassis

To start off the floor cleaner you need to make the chassis. You will need to attach the yellow rods to the grey ones with red connectors . You will need 4 red 90° connectors. Take your two yellow rods and put a red connector on each end. Then taking one peice ( yellow rod+ two connectors) attach a grey rod to each end. Repeat with both yellow rods.

Step 2: The Drive Train/Wheels

The drive train is what makes the robot move. You will need a K-Nex motor which is painfully slow, but, thats what we need because if the motor runs too fast then the brush bar will fling whatever you spilled all over. With the larger part of the chassis choose one end and clip a beige rod-to-wheel connector to the end of the grey rod. Prong facing in. Slide a wheel on and fit the prong into the whole in the wheel. Next you need to take your motor and slide it onto the grey rod making sure that the sticker is facing up. Then repeat the wheel making process on the other side of the motor and attach the grey rod to the smaller part of the completed chassis.( make sure that your wheels and motor are centered on the grey rod or else your cleaner won't track strait.) To have enough tork to turn the wheels you need to strap them to the chassy with a green/purple bendable rods and two strait orange connectors. Attach a orange connector to each end of the strap and attach the strap to the yellow rods.

Step 3: Brush Bar

The brush bar is what does the sweeping for you. For this part of the project you will need ten 360° white connectors, ten beige rod-to-wheel connectors,two blue O- ring things,and 1 motor. You need to thread the O-ring onto the grey rod then white connector then beige connector and white and beige and so on until you have 5 white and beige connectors layered. You will now need to slide the motor onto the rod, making sure that the sticker is up. Repeat the white beige and pattern until you have used up all 20 connectors. Thread the O-ring and connect the brush bar to the rest of the chassis.

Step 4: The End

You can use this to clean up things like cheerios, lego, and other small things. If you have and questions/comments or sugestions then feel free to in the comments section. Happy building!



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