K-cup Patio Lights





Introduction: K-cup Patio Lights

I wanted a project to use up my used K-cups and I came up with these Patio lights which cost me only materials that I had on hand from other projects and Christmas lights that I bought after Christmas for $1.00.

Step 1: Materials Used

1. 25 lights white crystal cut christmas tree light string with twist off covers ($1.00 after Christmas)

2. Prescription pill bottle to hold k-cups to melt holes on top of cups

3. 25 K-Cups

4. Glue gun to melt holes on top of K-Cups

5. Rust-oleum 2X Ultra Cover Gloss in the color Seaside for indoor/outdoor.

6. Apple Barrel Gloss White Acrylic Paint for Indoor/Outdoor

7. Sponge to lightly sponge white on the Seaside color.

8. Alcohol to clean the inside and outside of K-cups

9. 30 gallon trash bag to spray paint the K-cups I found that the K-cups dont stick but still be careful when removing. * After using and paint is dried I turned the trash bag inside out and used it in my trash can for trash.

Step 2: Preparing the K- Cup to Paint

1st. Picture

I removed the top with my fingernail ( or use a butter knife if no nails). Remove insides and the last part is what it looks like after rinsed and cleaned with alcohol on the inside and on the outside. Let dry completely which is about a half hour.

2nd. Picture

Plug in empty glue gun for about ten minutes(DO NOT USE A GLUE STICK). Put K-cup upside down on the prescription bottle which makes it easier to hold and will keep it from being distorted or cracked centering the nozzle of the glue gun and pushing down to melt hole in center of K-cup which is so easy to do I did it while watching T.V.

Step 3: Painting the K-Cups

1st. Picture

Lay out trash bag and spray paint the outside of the K-cups with the Seaside color. I let it dry over night but it said it could be dry to touch in hour.

2nd Picture

I put small amount of white paint on cardboard and dabbed with sponge and dab off excess paint till about dry, less is best you could always add more. Lightly dab around all over the outside and use dry side of sponge to dab to blend and to remove some excess. The white should seem dry when done dabbing. Repeat this step until all are done and the way you want them to look.

Step 4: Attaching the Shades to the Light Set

Twist off the light cover of the light socket.

1st picture

Put the clear crystal cover inside the K-cup through the hole.

2nd Picture

Twist the light socket on the light cover threads that are sticking out of the hole. Repeat with the remaining lights and K-cups.

Step 5: Finished Patio Lights

1st picture

Is the Patio lights displayed on the railing.

2nd Picture

This is the patio light lit up at night.

I am very pleased with how they came out but the picture doesn't show the marbleizing like I would like but the lights lit up shows it well. I had the materials from previous projects and I bought the Christmas lights for $1.00 after Christmas.

Step 6:



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    3 Discussions

    Thank you all I only buy them when they are way below cheap and I do have the reusable cup too. But I hate throwing anything away. I am so glad someone liked this since I am new here and I have never entered a craft contest before this.

    I'm not a fan of K-cups due to the waste they generate, but this is a great way to reuse them!