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Introduction: K'nex FN2000

This is a Rubber Band Gun that is loosely based off of the Belgian FN2000, below are two pictures. One is a real FN2000, the other is my K'nex one. It is an 8-round cog-driven RBG, it can fire about 30ft max., (better than most of the rod firing guns on this site) and accurately at 20ft indoors. I recommend that you use #16 rubber bands mainly because they are the only ones that I have that are suitable. Please comment, rate, and tell me about any mods or improvements on the gun or if there is a part of the instructable that you do not understand (no not do any of the previously mentioned actions if all you are going to do is badmouth K'nex in general).

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Step 1: The Frame and Trigger.

This is the frame, which you might have guessed from the title of this step.

Picture 1: This will be the right side of the frame.
Pictures 2-5: Close-ups of the right side of the frame.
Picture 6: Grab these, they will hold the mechanism later.
Picture 7: Put the pieces here.
Picture 8: Put two spacers on the upper piece.
Picture 9: Add the cog and two more spacers.
Picture 10: Make the trigger.
Picture 11: Be sure you do not add green rods on the sides.
Picture 12: Now slide it on to the blue rod (The blue rod will be slid into the half circle). Be sure that you put green rods into the holes.
Picture 13: Add two rods to these spots and add a rubber band to the rods.
Picture 14: The left side.
Pictures 14-17 : Eh, close-ups of the left side. Exactly the same as the right side, but without the orange rods sticking up.
Pictures 18-23: Clamp the two sides together.
Picture 24: Now add a spacer and a connector to each blue rod.

Yay, it is almost done.

Step 2: The "Barrel"

This is the "barrel", it is for hooking the rubber bands on.

Just follow the pictures and attach it as shown.

To load, you hook the rubber band on to the barrel, then to the cog, then pull back on the cog. Repeat until you have attached 8 rubber bands. Pull the trigger to fire.



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    What doesn't fit where? I don't know what you're referring to.

     so its true semi auto RBG mech? and also will this blow up? all the rbg guns I've made blow up when I pull the trigger.

    Strong enough. I couldn't get it to fit eight 7,5 inch bands over a two to three foot distance, but it is good enough for the little bands. Build it and test. it's only a few pieces.

    this is only better than most of the guns because everybody posts what is basically the same crappy gun over and over again. those make up at least 90% of knex guns in this site, yet they should only make up about 2%.

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    Yes. That's what I mean. This was probably one of the most complicated guns on the site, and there was probably the same proportion of original k'nex guns to copies with differently colored pieces.