K'nex Rifle Crossbow Hybrid




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Intro: K'nex Rifle Crossbow Hybrid

This started life as idea for a everyday crossbow but over time it started to turn in to a simple rifle powered by a crossbow mechanism.

Step 1: The Main Frame

Make these parts 3 parts

Step 2: The Stock

Make the stock

Step 3: The Trigger

Make Both of these parts

Step 4: The Cross Beam

Make the crooc beam for the end of the gun.

Step 5: Put It All Together!

just put all the parts together as in the picture any questions please comment.

Step 6: Loading and Shooting

This gun will fire both bolts the headed one goes smother but not as far.
To fire just pull the bolt back till it is over the trigger it should lock in to place.
Just pull the trigger to fire.



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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    well, actually, plastic is better for the environment than wood, so it is a hybrid in the sense of "going green"


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    We went from describing the joys of hunting to an argument over whether wood or plastic is better for the environment through recycling. Welcome to the Internet!

    not really, wood is natural and plastic is extremely horrible to the environment so it is the exact opposite

    Why would you need to recycle wood? It's far better for the environment to make compost out of it to help make more wood.

    I'm not disagreeing with what you are saying, I was just saying in my original comment that, if you dont recycle it (which unfortunately lots of people dont do), plastic is horrible to the environment because it doesnt decompose