K'nex Shield




Introduction: K'nex Shield

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This is a small buckler style shield. I think it is the only one on the site, (well it was when first posted).

Step 1: Main Piece

Build this shape this will be pertecting you.

Step 2: The Handel

This piece covers your hand.

Step 3: End Piece

Now build the end section.

Step 4: Almost There.

Connect the sections together as shown.

Step 5: Last Step

Add these two puple pieces for extra suport.



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    54 Discussions

    i cant see the corner so take more pics plz

    if you want knex bullet proff and you got enof little grey pieces you can make a scale mail body (did already but it was a bit to small for me it fit my cat about right thou) lol

    2 replies

    And it will use much more pieces....

    Besides, by making it larger it doesn't become a riot shield. A riot shield is a shield that is used by police officers and protects against small projectiles such as bricks, sticks, and stones.

    I see you also suffer from Lack-O-Pieces thereby disabling you from making perfect color symmetry. If only we could cure the world of this terrible disease =D lol

    6 replies

    Don't worry, there are many other websites you can use.

    Well, that sucks. Maybe you can try garage sales? If not, I can't help you.

    me to i do not have it as bad as others but i some times can't build some really cool things

    Cool! By now, still one of the best shields on the site (that is, until I post mine >:-) 4.5