K-nex Simple Gun Target

Hi guys this is my 2nd Instructable, and a pretty easy one. It is just a simple target you can shoot at with your K-nex guns. So if your ready, LETS GET STARTED!

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Step 1: Piece Count

Here it is, classic piece count. I know everybody loves these, lets get counting.

Green/Black small ones-14
Yellow-3 (2 are optional, 1 is needed.)
Total Rods:35 (Again, 33 are needed optional 2 yellow.)

White Circles-3
Yellow Half-Moon-3
Grey 1 Connector-2
Orange-2 (Optional with the yellow rods, you dont need them.)

Total Connectors 17 (Only 15 needed.)

Other: Y Connector-2

Step 2: Step 1

You are done.Here is the main step, there is an optional step after this. Remember to read the boxes.

Step 3: Optional Step

This step is optional.

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