Introduction: KABOOM COSTUME: Classic Atari

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I am a child of the Atari generation and we sure thought it was amazing.  How times have changed, but I can still remember the thrill of Adventure with the keys and dragons.  I loved Pac Man.  However, my all time favorite was KABOOM!  In this Instructable I will show you how to bring this classic game to life, bomb candy bucket and all.


   1 Large Christmas ornament ball, plastic
   drill & drill bit
   small plastic product cap.  I used the measuring cup from Nyquil
   hot glue gun &  hot glue
   wire hanger
   sparkley tinsel
   black spray paint
   duct tape

   red, white and black yarn
   I used a knitting machine, but can be made with needles
   black ribbon
   black foam
   black eyeshadow


The weather for Halloween in Wisconsin is always a mystery.  It could be in the 70's or snowing to anything in between.  I decided on a nice warm sweater for this costume.  No winter coat necessary.

I purchased this machine, Ultimate Sweater Machine by Bond, from Ebay and it's great for knitting large squares.   I needed some new parts and found out that Bond is still making this machine and selling replacement parts.

 The sweater has four sections:  The front, the back and two sleeves.  It is a basic T shape with drop-shoulder sleeves. 

I took photos of the knitting process.  This machine is very easy to use and there are You Tube videos on its operation.  The front and back are made with the same number of stitches and rows and the sleeves are are smaller but made with the same number of stitches and rows.


First sew the front and back together by placing the right sides together and stitching the shoulder seams, leaving enough room for your head to fit through the center.  There is a photo of this.

Next, sew the sleeve on and then stitch the whole thing up.

Step 3: THE BOMB:

The bomb makes the costume.

This is a plastic oversized Christmas ornament.  Using my drill, I drilled holes in a circular patten large enough for a child to slip their hand through.  I'm sorry that I didn't take a picture of this step, but I then used my jigsaw to very carefully cut from one drill hole to the next.  I used duct tape to cover the opening to protect little fingers.  I drilled two more holes for a cord to hold the trick-or-treat bomb.  There is a picture of this and the spacing is the same as I did to cut out the large circle.

For the fuse, I drilled a small hole in a Nyquil cap and hot glued that to the ornament. 

Spray the hold thing with black paint.  I used three coats.

Step 4: THE FUSE:

Attach tinsel to the end of your wire.  Use something that sparkles so it looks like it's ready to blow.

Step 5: KABOOM:

I decided to add some explanation to this costume by downloading a Kaboom graphic and color printing it on heat transfer paper, which I then ironed onto a pair of black leggings.  You don't need a heat press to do this project.  Office supply stores sell heat transfer paper for home use and you only need an iron to adhere it on your clothing. 

Step 6: THE MASK:

This foam mask was made by my daughter.  It is black craft foam with a ribbon closure.

Black eyes for a more sinister look.

Step 7: SLEEPY:

It takes a lot of energy to bomb the neighborhood and it looks like she had a co-actor, party to the crime.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love this! Very fun! I don't know how to knit do you think someone like me could use a knitting machine?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It is really easy to use. YouTube has great videos on how to use it. I got mine off Ebay. I have some plans in the works for it =)