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Hey guys. Well, you all seemed to like my KAP-40 preview (I took it down actually...the pics not the 'ible) so I decided to post this. I will make instructions, but you will have to be contented with this for now. This gun is from CoD: BO 2, and is supposed to be a fully automatic SMG.

Good range: 30 to 50 ft.
Looks like the original (see pic #3)
Mech is not too complicated
True trigger
7 to 8 rd., preloaded mag (see pic(s) #9 and #10)
Good pullback length
SMP (Stationary Mag Pusher [stays in the mag at all times])

Kinda bulky
Handle is not comfy at all
Mag-well is kinda too big for the mag

Credit goes to Blue Mullet for his RGMP.

Well, there you have it, the KAP-40. Tell me what you think, and as always, comment and subscribe!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Try to make a gun like this but with a
    Bolt action mech that pushes the bullets out of the magazine into the barrel. Also, make a good pump action, like a SPAS-12

    7 replies

    I have never made a bolt action, so I would not know how one works. And because I don't know how one works, I could not make one. As to pump action, I have never made one, and thus, don't know how to do so.

    No offense, but that's a sad excuse... What do you mean you've never done one and so you can't?? Nobody ever did something before their first. Then they did their first and moved on from there. How do you suppose new things are invented? Everybody just says "No we've never done that so we can't." ?? No! They learn and study and try and try again until they succeed and move on from there. Plus, you have an entire community with several very good and easy to understand bolt action guns (see my S2 for an example of a REALLY simple one) as well as several people with a very good understanding and a lot of experience with bolt actions that would be willing to help you (i.e. myself).

    XD Saw that one coming. Well, ya see, I am a person who mods, edits, and corrects. I have never created a mech or a concept on my own. All of my stuff has been piratically "borrowed" from others. I just mod it or correct it. I NEVER create it. Thus, if I were to make a pump action or a bolt action, I would have to build one first. Does this make sense? I am glad to here you say that you are willing to help, but there is something that people need to realize about me. I am a model builder and a simple pin gun poster. I never have posted something that ingenuitive, and I don't plan on doing so. You are a concept builder, I am not.

    All right, sounds kind of an easy way out of a challenge, but fine. If you're comfortable with not advancing to complicated things and inventions, that's fine.

    Well, yes, you could take that view, but I don't. I am a model builder, always have been. That BBPC might just be my very first concept gun ever, and I think that you and Oblitivus have the concept area below your thumbs, so why should I intrude? Well, I have never taken challenges well, so I guess this MAY be me just getting out of them, but I really don't think it matters. K'NEX are toys, they are not meant to be taken seriously.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! I like it! The only thing is I can't make yhis gun witout broken pieces, but I might break down and cut some to make it. I gathered all my already broken rods so i guess i'm ready.

    3 replies

    Well, do you have any rods that might have been broken by accident. I have quite a few, so I just chop off the right lengths from those. Thanks man. Hows your building going? Have anything in mind right now? Haven't heard from you in a while...