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Yes, another gun in the KAST series. I think that somewhere I said that the R4 was going to be it. Well it's not. This is gonna be it. (for now...). The trigger is pretty far back, so it's as good as the R3 if not better for power and range. It has rails for sights, iron sights, and flip up sights for longer range (or just because I felt like it). Same magazine system as the R3.

Um.... Sorry guys, but I took this apart a while ago. I thought I put pictures on my computer, but I can't find them... So no instructable. Sorry.




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    This seems easy enough to build from pics, i might be able to help in time, i have a sl8 in good progress at the moment

    It is WAY too wide. It would be pushing it if you added extensions on one side, everyone hated (except for hiyadudez) the ZKAR V2 handle because it was too wide, and this is even wider, AND to rub it in, you have made it 5 cons thick.