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This was an experimental gun. I built it to have a working charging handle that would cock the gun. It is not the best and can be improved greatly. Therefore it does not have the best range and all. Please keep this in mind.
This is posted because you asked and I said I would.


Step 1: Start Making Stuff Such As the Main Body of the Gun

Look above at the title of the step please.

Step 2: Make the Rear Portion of the Gun and Attach It to the Main Body

make the rear portion of the gun and attach it to the main body

Step 3: Other Things to Make And/or Add

other things to make and/or add

Step 4: Done

You are done. Don't tell me if it doesn't have the range of a gun like the tr, I know that already.
If you built it, thanks! Please mod it if you do, I want to see your ideas.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    How does this work,
    1=Is the firing pin completely connected to the charging handle.
    2=Does the charging handle push on the pin cocking it then the charging handle spring forward again.

    3 replies

    8 years ago on Introduction

    uuuuummmmmm..................CAUSE I SAY SO!!!!!!!! XD