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Savor crispy & crunchy fried chicken that tastes exactly like Kentucky Fried Chicken right at your home. Learn this recipe in 4 easy instruct able steps. After numerous iterations on 'how to make chicken crunchier just like KFC' I zeroed on this procedure. No bread crumbs or crushed cornflakes or beaten oats worked like potato wafer crisps did !!! So here is the magical, lip-smacking KFC copycat recipe ... ENJOY ...  

Step 1: Ingredients

Chicken pieces without skin            - 250 grams
Eggs                                                      - 1 
Milk                                                         - 2 to 3 tbsp
All purpose flour / Maida                     - 1 cup
Paprika pwd                                          - 2 tsp
Pepper pwd                                          - 1¼ tsp
potato chips                                          - 100 grams
ginger garlic paste                              - 2 tsp
mixed herbs                                          - 3 tsp
mixed spices/chaat masala
(indian spice mix)                                 -2 tsp
lemon juice                                            - 2 tsp
Oil                                                            - to deep fry
Salt to taste

Step 2: Marination

To the chicken pieces add the following ingredients :
1. Ginger garlic paste
2. Salt (1 tsp)
3. Lemon juice
4. Pepper pwd(1/4 tsp)
5. Paprika pwd(1 tsp)
6. Mixed herbs(2 tsp)
7. Mixed spices/chaat masala

mix all the ingredients well and marinate the chicken for about 2 hours. 

Step 3: Coating

1. In a bowl, place flour, add salt , pepper powder , paprika powder and mixed herbs.set aside.
2. take another bowl, beat the egg,  pour the milk and whisk... till a smooth mixture is obtained, set it aside.
3. put the crushed potato chips in a third bowl.
4. Take a piece of chicken, add to the flour mixture & cover the chicken with it.
5. Now dip in the whisked egg mixture.
6. finally coat the chicken with crushed potato chips.
7. repeat steps 4 to 5 for all the remaining chicken pieces.

Step 4: Frying

1. Heat oil in a wide skillet.
2. Add 4 to 5 pieces of chicken and deep fry in hot oil.
3. Turn the flame to low medium and fry chicken until it turns golden brown.
4. Turn over the pieces gently, every few minutes & cook to crisp.
5. Chicken is done, when it is golden brown on all the sides.
6. Remove from flame & place on kitchen tissue to drain.
Homemade lip smacking KFC HOT N CRISP chicken is done..
And ready to be served..!!!! 

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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the recipe - tried it tonight. I had a couple of questions/problems with it, however.

    I did four chicken quarters, to serve four people, and each quarter weighed 300g. Your recipe is for only 250g chicken, so that would make my dinner FIVE BATCHES of yours! That can't be right, can it? 250g of chicken is only seven ounces, including bones, so it's only really one generous portion. Do you really need one egg, a cup of flour, approx three bags of potato crisps, etc., PER PERSON?!?

    It would also be handy if you gave the quantities of herbs, paprika, etc., to mix with the flour for the coating - I assume it's the difference between the overall ingredients and what went into the marinade. Although overall salt wasn't given so I didn't know how much should go into the flour.

    However, after muddling through it tasted really good, so thanks for sharing! 8-)


    Reply 5 years ago on Step 4

    You're welcome..! I am glad you like it... :)
    I love sharing recipes.


    5 years ago

    it mus be so yummy if the batter will stick wid chicken otherwise it mixed into oil

    Hey congratulations to you too..!!
    Your ideas are really creative. .
    M a bit busy these days..(exams sucks)>_<

    Thanks! :)
    yeah, I know that feeling :o I got rid of finals last week :p
    wish you all the best for the exams.

    we have similar (almost!!) names!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Arey its so simple.. ;) Just crush plain potato chips with a roller(or wat we call in hindi BELAN) :P I hope this photograph will help you.. :)


    Reply 5 years ago on Step 4

    Its very simple...try it you'll love it. . ;)
    Just let me know how it tasted..
    dont forget to share and vote my recipe..