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This is an easy, no sew aquarium themed Valentines box for kids.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

1 cardboard box

a hot glue gun

hot glue sticks

Enough blue fabric to cover the four sides of your box

a variety of scrap fabrics




Step 2: A Quick Warm Up

Plug in your hot glue gun so it can start warming up for later.

Step 3: Measurements and Cutting

Measure the dimensions of your box. Use those measurements to mark the fabric with a sharpie so you can cut out the proper dimensions. Now cut out four squares/rectangles of your fabric to cover the sides.

Step 4: Use the Glue

Now hot glue the four squares/rectangles to the sides of the box.

Step 5: Time for Top

Use the previously measured dimensions to cutout and hot glue a black piece of construction paper to the top of the box.

Step 6: Fish Time

Cut out a basic fish shape on your fabric scraps.

Step 7: Let the Fish Swim

Hot glue the fish onto the blue fabric.

Step 8: Hole in One

Cut a hole into the top of your box.

Step 9: DONE

Enjoy your beautiful aquarium Valentine box.

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