KILLERK Magnum Add-ons




Introduction: KILLERK Magnum Add-ons

Small add-ons to KILLERK's Magnum that make it stronger, easier to use and perform better. Just a few small changes that make a big difference.

Step 1: Second Handle

This handle, like all of these add-ons, is optional, though I recommend all of these, this is the least nececarry to the gun's performance. Build the piece below (image 1) then attach it to the second set of grey / yellows to the front (image 3).

Step 2: Extra Side Strength #1

This step just adds what you have already got at the front and does it again just behind it. Only a small change but adds serious strength to the gun. What to build (image 1) and where to put it (image 2). Do it on both sides.

Step 3: Extra Strength #2

This adds a lot of strength again making it so that when you cock the ram, both the top and bottom barrels do not move at all. You will need to make 4 of these (image 1) and attach them on both sides (image 2).

Step 4: New Ram

This ram is very similar to the old one but you an but the elastic bands higher up making the nose dip down. This helps when you are firing and cocking the gun, it makes the nose of the ram lock in very well to the loose orange piece, the trigger, meaning that you don't need a little green piece that falls off when you shoot it with more than 2 elastic bands powering the gun.

Step 5: Last Bits

Just a few things which really help :) Put the small rubber bands (image 1) around the neck of the gun to add strength at the top. Leave one to but around the handle and trigger to make an auto-locking system (Image 3).

Step 6: Finished! Sort Of...

The finished gun (image 1) has a few things I didn't mention. The little black bit, or a stub to you hard-core k'nex gun makers, from the front view (image 2) helps line up the gun with the target (see image 3 for straight view from back). Also, because of the second set of yellow bits at the front, you will need a second orange (highlighted in image 1) to fire. What I reccomend you fire is a yellow / grey rod with either a small blue stub or grey single piece (image 4)



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    15 Discussions

    Hmm. I will have to take apart my master chief helmet prototype to do this.

    nice! I did this and it works realy well (still looks bad) :)

    ok so i was going to fix some of my gun so i could add this stuff...but i completely broke it:( o well

    It does look quite bad sadly, but it really does help :)

    my magnum split in 2, so i did not use it much, then it was destroyed, to bad i did not have this.