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I have been a Fan of Instructables for many years and yet not done anything myself, so for that I appologise and thank jessyratfink for her course on How to Write an Instructable on motivating me.

So here we go and as they say be kind its my first time.

In my time with the military many things remain which were drilled into me and one of them was the K.I.S.S principle

Which means; Keep It, Simple,Stupid..... This Translates into If its Stupid & Simple and it works, then its not Stupid!

So in this fashion I created a kit which converts a Flashlight into a Headlight, cheap, simple and easy to make which is so small you can put into your Wallet or Pocket. Enjoy !

Step 1: Bits You Need !

All you need is:

1) some Elasticated band which you can get at any Textile/Sewing shop or even Supermarkets.

2) Some Velcro fastening also from the above mentioned shops.

3) Flashlight, this is a cheap Cree LED lamp from Amazon but works well - a quick point, if you buy any Gadgets

like Flashlights, GPS, Radio etc., then I would suggest you buy ones which take AA or AAA Batteries

since these are available all over the world and you get them as rechargeables, where as if you have

some exotic flashlight which does a thousand things and runs from XYZ Button type batteries, you could

have problems on the road to get replacements.

4) a pair or scissors

5) Needle and Thread

Step 2: Making the Headband

Take a length of elastic band you are using measure it so it fits around

your head, tight enough to hold the light steady without pressing your brains out of

your ears and not loose enough that you have a neck light.

Once you have the right size you can cut it and sew the ends together

Step 3: Connecting the Lamp to the Band

Now get a length of Velcro and measure this out so it will go around

your Light and the Headband. You can cut this and you don´t have

to sew it because the Velcro sides hold it.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

You can keep the Kit in your Wallet or Pocket and when needed

pull out your light wrap it on the headband with the Velcro and

you are good to go !

I hope you enjoy this, and if liked will do somemore



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    2 years ago

    Good headlight idea - and an excellent flashlight (I have a few of them bought on for a few $ each, work great!)


    2 years ago

    Thanks for posting. These work great! I made one a couple of years ago (same flashlight). Recently found a smaller lighter CREE AAA light & now attach it easily to my bandana with a ranger band wrapped around the torch. Same KISS idea.